Top 7 Travel Destinations Your Dog Will Love

Though traveling with your pet can be difficult, some people cannot simply imagine leaving their beloved pet at home alone or with a stranger. These people even like to take their pets on holidays. If you are one of them then here is a guide to the top pet-friendly travel destinations.


The Netherlands is also a friendly destination for pets. You can get lots of parks where you can take your dog to walk. You will be able to get pet-friendly hotels as well.


France has always been a very pet-friendly place. You will find people walking with their dogs on the street. It is also very natural for people to dine on the outer space of the restaurant along with their pets. There are many hotels that are pet-friendly. You will find lots of open space and parks to take your pet for a walk or exercise. Your pet will have a great time here.


Before you needed to quarantine your pet before they could enter the country. But now there is no such regulation. All your pet needs is a passport. You will be able to find accommodation for your pet easily. You can take your dog for a walk through the rolling hills and greeneries. Many accommodations have a private garden. So, your pet will have some space to move around.


Your pet will love the sand and sea. It is a very pet-friendly place. Spring is the best time to go to Greece. Summer can be too hot and uncomfortable for your pet. You will find lots of pet-friendly accommodations in Greece.


It is one of the best destinations in Europe for your pet. Unlike many places, your dog will be able to travel in public transport. You will need a dog pass to board your dog. You will find plenty of open areas, parks, and accommodations for your pet.


If you want to go to Austria with your dog, you will need to insert a microchip inside your pet. You will also need to give the required vaccinations. It is a very dog-friendly place. You will be able to take your dog to restaurants without trouble. There are beautiful landscapes where you can take your dog for exercise. Here you will be able to bring maximum three pets with you.


Turkey is a wonderful place for a holiday. You have beaches, great architecture, and mountains. Your dog will love this place. However, you will be only allowed to bring one pet along with you. The restaurants are pet-friendly and you will be able to find an appropriate accommodation easily.

Before you choose one of these destinations, make sure that you know about the vaccination and other policies. It is better to book an accommodation well in advance. You will surely have a great holiday in these lovely destinations.

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