8 Flat-coated Retriever Training Tips

Flatcoated retriever is a fun dog. It is a wonderful pet to have as your companion and it will keep you on your toes all the time. As it’s a very active dog, you will need a lot of patience to train the dog. They take some time to learn and so you need to train them carefully. Here are some training techniques you should apply.

  1. You should always use positive reinforcement to train your flat-coated retriever. They won’t react positively to any kind of harsh treatments. So, give them reward after they have accomplished a certain task. You can also say nice comments to encourage good behavior.
  2. You should take your puppy to a place where you two can go for a long walk without any disturbance. This will give your puppy room to explore the environment. You should teach the puppy to come back to you when called.
  3. You should teach your dog to fetch things. You should use soft things like tennis balls and throw them at a small distance. Then you should ask your puppy to fetch it for you. You should praise your puppy for the task and give reinforcement if needed. The flat-coated retrievers have a natural instinct for fetching things. So, you should train them well in this aspect.
  4. The flat-coated retrievers have short attention spans. So, you should space out the training sessions. If you notice that your pet is getting lost, you should immediately stop and then pick up later on from where you have stopped.
  5. They will be able to learn lots of vocabulary if you teach them properly. You should use short commands and repeat them so that they remember it.
  6. These are very active and energetic dogs. You should take them outside often for exercise. You should have lots of toys around your house for them to play.
  7. You should introduce your pet to birds. You should let him sniff it and then pick it up as well. The dog should get the feel and smell of birds. That way you will be able to take him hunting.
  8. You can use an electric collar for training your dog. It is very effective in teaching obedience commands. You can look at books or videos to learn how to use these effectively.

These are very useful tips for training your flat-coated retriever. You should start training your dog at an early age. You should have patience and try to learn from different books and online sources on how to train your dog properly. A well-trained dog will be able to help you in many ways. They will be a great company and very useful for bird hunting.

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