6 Major Types Of Dog Kennels Available Today

A kennel is a shelter for the dog. Though many people might not like keeping their dogs in confinement, a kennel can keep your dog secure and help you in training your pet. You will find many kinds of kennels. Here we are going to discuss six major types of dog kennels.

Crate kennels

These are enclosures that will  ep your dog secured. You can easily train your dogs in them and transport them as well. These kennels look like boxes. You will find different kinds of crates on the market. There is the plastic crate which is very popular. It has holes on the sides so that your dog can breathe properly. There is a caged door. You will find this type of crate in various sizes. There is a handle on the top that helps you the carry it from one place to another. You can easily place a bed on the bottom of the crate. There are wire kennels which are made of metal. You can collapse these cages making it easy to transport. This type of crate is very useful when you take your dog out.

Dog houses

It is a great place for dogs to take rest when they are outdoors. The dog house has plenty of space to curl up. It will give your dog shelter from harsh weather. Dog houses can be made up of wood or plastic. It is better to keep the dog house in a shaded area so that it doesn’t get heated up during summer or gets flooded when it rain.

Exercise Pens

These are large wire cages with no roof designed for the dogs to exercise. You can fold them and transport them anywhere. These are usually hexagonal in shape. You should keep your dog in this type of kennel when you are not home. As there is no roof, the dog might easily jump out of the kennel and run outside.

Travel carriers

These often look like designer purses made from nylon or other materials. You can use these to carry small or large dogs. These are very helpful when you are traveling with your puppy.

Breeding kennel

These kennels are used for breeding purebred dogs. Certain regulations and rules must be maintained for this type of kennels.  You must be registered with an authorized body in order to have this type of kennel.

Boarding kennel

If you have to go outside without your pet, then this type of kennel can provide a temporary home for your pet. The kennel managers will look after the basic needs of your pet while you are away. They will feed your dog, do necessary grooming and even train them.

Kennels are very important for keeping your dog safe. You should buy the kennel according to the type of breed you have. You should read reviews and get recommendations before buying a kennel for your pet.

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