Top 7 Travel Destinations Your Dog Will Love

Though traveling with your pet can be difficult, some people cannot simply imagine leaving their beloved pet at home alone or with a stranger. These people even like to take their pets on holidays. If you are one of them then here is a guide to the top pet-friendly travel destinations.


The Netherlands is also a friendly destination for pets. You can get lots of parks where you can take your dog to walk. You will be able to get pet-friendly hotels as well.


France has always been a very pet-friendly place. You will find people walking with their dogs on the street. It is also very natural for people to dine on the outer space of the restaurant along with their pets. There are many hotels that are pet-friendly. You will find lots of open space and parks to take your pet for a walk or exercise. Your pet will have a great time here.


Before you needed to quarantine your pet before they could enter the country. But now there is no such regulation. All your pet needs is a passport. You will be able to find accommodation for your pet easily. You can take your dog for a walk through the rolling hills and greeneries. Many accommodations have a private garden. So, your pet will have some space to move around.


Your pet will love the sand and sea. It is a very pet-friendly place. Spring is the best time to go to Greece. Summer can be too hot and uncomfortable for your pet. You will find lots of pet-friendly accommodations in Greece.


It is one of the best destinations in Europe for your pet. Unlike many places, your dog will be able to travel in public transport. You will need a dog pass to board your dog. You will find plenty of open areas, parks, and accommodations for your pet.


If you want to go to Austria with your dog, you will need to insert a microchip inside your pet. You will also need to give the required vaccinations. It is a very dog-friendly place. You will be able to take your dog to restaurants without trouble. There are beautiful landscapes where you can take your dog for exercise. Here you will be able to bring maximum three pets with you.


Turkey is a wonderful place for a holiday. You have beaches, great architecture, and mountains. Your dog will love this place. However, you will be only allowed to bring one pet along with you. The restaurants are pet-friendly and you will be able to find an appropriate accommodation easily.

Before you choose one of these destinations, make sure that you know about the vaccination and other policies. It is better to book an accommodation well in advance. You will surely have a great holiday in these lovely destinations.

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7 Tips To Travel Safely With Your Dog

When you go out of town on a short or long trip, the best thing would be to arrange a temporary home for your dog. You can also hire a pet sitter. But if you cannot manage these then you will have to take your dog with you. When you plan to travel with your dog, especially to warmer and luxurious destinations like Marbella, you should keep in mind the following things.

Insert a microchip

You must insert a microchip inside your pet. The microchip contains a number that is allocated to the pet’s owner. The information about the owner is kept in the national database. In case your pet is lost, the pet owner can be identified using the microchip.

Do a health checkup

You should take your dog to a veterinarian before traveling so that you can get a thorough health checkup of your pet. You must make sure that all the vaccinations have been given. You should also find out if any special vaccination is needed for the destination you are going to. You should take the history of vaccination of your pet and get the report on other health issues in case of emergency.

Buy a crater

You should put your pet inside a crater when traveling. Even if you are traveling by car, a crate will keep your pet safe and secure. When you travel by plane, you need to have a special carrier or crate as per the airline regulations.

Carry food

You should carry the regular food for your pet as much as possible. You may not get this food in the place you are traveling to. Your pet may become sick if he doesn’t get proper food.

Get proper clothing

Depending on the weather of the place you are visiting, you should take appropriate clothing for your pet. If you are traveling to a winter destination then make sure that you have woolen clothes for your dog.

Check out hotel policies

You should book a hotel that is pet-friendly. You can also find a specialized pet hotel where you can keep your pet. You should find out the hotel policies before checking in.

Be prepared for emergency situations

When you travel somewhere and book a convertible rental in Dubai, you should be prepared for emergency situations. You should try to find out the contact number of a veterinarian at your destination so that you can take your pet there in case of emergency. You should always carry your pet’s medicine with you.

Traveling with your pet can be a big hassle. You should be well prepared so that you can deal with any situation. You should plan ahead and take all the necessary things related to your pet with you before you travel.

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8 Flat-coated Retriever Training Tips

Flatcoated retriever is a fun dog. It is a wonderful pet to have as your companion and it will keep you on your toes all the time. As it’s a very active dog, you will need a lot of patience to train the dog. They take some time to learn and so you need to train them carefully. Here are some training techniques you should apply.

  1. You should always use positive reinforcement to train your flat-coated retriever. They won’t react positively to any kind of harsh treatments. So, give them reward after they have accomplished a certain task. You can also say nice comments to encourage good behavior.
  2. You should take your puppy to a place where you two can go for a long walk without any disturbance. This will give your puppy room to explore the environment. You should teach the puppy to come back to you when called.
  3. You should teach your dog to fetch things. You should use soft things like tennis balls and throw them at a small distance. Then you should ask your puppy to fetch it for you. You should praise your puppy for the task and give reinforcement if needed. The flat-coated retrievers have a natural instinct for fetching things. So, you should train them well in this aspect.
  4. The flat-coated retrievers have short attention spans. So, you should space out the training sessions. If you notice that your pet is getting lost, you should immediately stop and then pick up later on from where you have stopped.
  5. They will be able to learn lots of vocabulary if you teach them properly. You should use short commands and repeat them so that they remember it.
  6. These are very active and energetic dogs. You should take them outside often for exercise. You should have lots of toys around your house for them to play.
  7. You should introduce your pet to birds. You should let him sniff it and then pick it up as well. The dog should get the feel and smell of birds. That way you will be able to take him hunting.
  8. You can use an electric collar for training your dog. It is very effective in teaching obedience commands. You can look at books or videos to learn how to use these effectively.

These are very useful tips for training your flat-coated retriever. You should start training your dog at an early age. You should have patience and try to learn from different books and online sources on how to train your dog properly. A well-trained dog will be able to help you in many ways. They will be a great company and very useful for bird hunting.

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What Can You Do With Your Pet When You Are Traveling?

While a pet can be a great companion at home, they can be a point of concern too. When you have to go out of town for some reason, it’s a big concern where to keep your pet. Of course, taking the pet along can be a good option. But what if you are traveling abroad? There are lots of things to consider in that case, like whether the airplane will allow pets, finding a pet-friendly hotel, etc. In order to avoid all this hassle, you can choose not to take your dog with you. In such case here are the following options you have.

Pet sitter

You will find many registered pet sitters who will be willing to drop by your home every day and take care of your pet. They will feed your dog, do the necessary grooming, check on their health, play with them, and more. They usually charge $20 per visit. This is a good option as your dog will remain in his familiar environment. He will have all the toys around him and you won’t need to make any special arrangements.

In-house pet sitting

There are pet sitters who take care of pets in their home when you are away. There will probably other pets in the pet sitter’s house. So, your dog will get a good companion. A pet sitter is an experienced person and so will know everything about your dog.


A house sitter will live in your house while you are away. This way the pet sitter will be able to take care of your pet all the time and look after your house too. But not many people will feel comfortable to let a stranger live in their house when they are not home. Still, you can consider this option.

Neighbors or family members

If you have a neighbor or family member who loves pets, you can keep your pet with them. This is a cost-effective solution, as you won’t have to pay them. Your pet will be safe in their care.

Pet boarding

There are many boarding facilities available. You can keep your pets there when you go out of town. There are professionals who will take care of your pet all the time. Your dog will have the company of other dogs, have training and exercise sessions and other facilities. If your pet is sick, they will take your pet to a vet. They also have their own vet to look after the dogs inside their facility.

Keep with the veterinarian

If you think that your pet’s health is not well and you need someone to look after him continuously, then you can keep your pet with your local vet. He or she will look after the health of your dog and will provide him with the necessary food and medicine.

So, you can now see that you have lots of options to keep your pet in a safe place when you go on vacation or another purpose out of town. You should evaluate each of these options and choose the best one for your dog.

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4 Things You Should Know About Flat Coated Retriever

If you are considering having a flat-coated retriever for your home, then you have made an excellent decision. This breed of dog is a great family companion. If you have children at home, they will love their new friend. Before you bring a flat-coated retriever to your home, here are some things you should know about this type of dogs.


Its origin is in England and has been found since the 19th century. Two gentlemen S.E. Shirley and H.R. Cook contributed a lot to the development of this breed. It is a cross between Newfoundland and other types like sheepdogs, setters, water dogs, etc. The flat-coated retriever dog is known as the oldest type of retriever breeds. Its need was felt when shooting birds became a widespread sport in the 19th century. A dog was needed to retrieve the dead birds.


The flat-coated retriever dogs are very active. They are always in the happy mood and will give you a good time. They can be a great companion for the children. They love to stay outdoors and play the fetch game. They like to chew on things. So, you must have lots of toys in the house so that the dog can chew on them. As they are very active, you can’t let them stay alone for a long time. So, if you are a busy person and need to stay outside for a long time, this dog is not for you.

Food habit

This breed of dog is very active. So, you will always need to feed him well. You should give him about 3.5 to 4.5 cups of dry food twice every day. You should make sure that you are giving high-quality food; otherwise, his health will deteriorate.

Type of training

The flat-coated retriever dog matures a bit slowly, so you will need to be patient during the training session. It might take some time to train them. You should use positive reinforcement techniques to train the dog. Harsh treatments will have a negative effect on the behavior of the dog. You can start with house training. You will need to provide a crate so that your house doesn’t become messy. This breed has the habit of eating their poop. So, you will have to remove the crate right after they are finished with their job.

During the 19th century, this breed of dog was very popular. It was used a lot in hunting. But slowly it’s popularity decreased after the World War I. Now again people are showing interest in this type of dog. A flat-coated retriever can boost the mood of your home. You will love his company. So, if you are looking for a pet to cheer you up, then you should go for the flat-coated retriever.

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6 Major Types Of Dog Kennels Available Today

A kennel is a shelter for the dog. Though many people might not like keeping their dogs in confinement, a kennel can keep your dog secure and help you in training your pet. You will find many kinds of kennels. Here we are going to discuss six major types of dog kennels.

Crate kennels

These are enclosures that will  ep your dog secured. You can easily train your dogs in them and transport them as well. These kennels look like boxes. You will find different kinds of crates on the market. There is the plastic crate which is very popular. It has holes on the sides so that your dog can breathe properly. There is a caged door. You will find this type of crate in various sizes. There is a handle on the top that helps you the carry it from one place to another. You can easily place a bed on the bottom of the crate. There are wire kennels which are made of metal. You can collapse these cages making it easy to transport. This type of crate is very useful when you take your dog out.

Dog houses

It is a great place for dogs to take rest when they are outdoors. The dog house has plenty of space to curl up. It will give your dog shelter from harsh weather. Dog houses can be made up of wood or plastic. It is better to keep the dog house in a shaded area so that it doesn’t get heated up during summer or gets flooded when it rain.

Exercise Pens

These are large wire cages with no roof designed for the dogs to exercise. You can fold them and transport them anywhere. These are usually hexagonal in shape. You should keep your dog in this type of kennel when you are not home. As there is no roof, the dog might easily jump out of the kennel and run outside.

Travel carriers

These often look like designer purses made from nylon or other materials. You can use these to carry small or large dogs. These are very helpful when you are traveling with your puppy.

Breeding kennel

These kennels are used for breeding purebred dogs. Certain regulations and rules must be maintained for this type of kennels.  You must be registered with an authorized body in order to have this type of kennel.

Boarding kennel

If you have to go outside without your pet, then this type of kennel can provide a temporary home for your pet. The kennel managers will look after the basic needs of your pet while you are away. They will feed your dog, do necessary grooming and even train them.

Kennels are very important for keeping your dog safe. You should buy the kennel according to the type of breed you have. You should read reviews and get recommendations before buying a kennel for your pet.

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